“Forest cities” the radical plan to save China from air pollution

Stefano Boeri, the architect well-known for his plant-covered skyscrapers, has designs to make entire new inexperienced settlements in a country plagued by dusty air

When Stefano Boeri imagines the continuing future of metropolitan China he considers green, and a lot of it. Office blocks, homes and hotels decked from top to bottom in a verdant blaze of shrubbery and vegetation; a breath of oxygen for metropolises that are choking over a toxic diet of fumes and dust.

The other day last week, the Italian architect, famed for his tree-clad Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) skyscraper organic in Milan, presented plans for an identical task in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing.

The Chinese similar – Boeri’s first in Asia – will be made up of two neighboring towers covered with 23 varieties of tree and even more than 2,500 cascading shrubs. The set ups will reportedly house office buildings apparently, a 247-room luxury hotel, a museum, and a good renewable structures green school


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